Amazing sensory facilities at Royal Alexandra Children’s hospital in Brighton

In 2017 our aim is to provide life changing sensory equipment for children in the UK and Cambodia.

Sensory equipment can really enhance the health and wellbeing of a child when they visit a hospital, yet there are very few facilities with 21st Century equipment in children’s emergency departments in the UK – and none we’re aware of anywhere in Cambodia.

Last month SicKids Trustees Andrew and Dianne, along with Nurse Sue Higgins, the first recipient of a SicKids grant who recently returned from an outreach trip to Cambodia, recently visited an example of truly excellent sensory facilities. The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital has best-in-class facilities, which can really enhance the care they give to children who find themselves at A&E.

Here’s a video about our inspiring visit, and a reminder of our aims to raise funds to provide sensory equipment to children in the UK and Cambodia in 2017:

Thank you to the excellent team in Brighton for showing us around. Loving your work! 

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