As a new charity we’re initially looking to support two key projects. Click the headings below to read about them.

Our Projects for 2016

Funds required: £9,600
Objectives: Developing child health in England and Cambodia
Sensory equipment is designed specifically to support the development of the senses - like touch, hearing and sight - through cool things like special lighting, music, and tactile objects. While all children in a clinic or hospital might benefit from additional sensory support, for those with developmental delay, mobility issues, or visual/hearing impairment this might make their visit so much more pleasant. Sensory equipment has been used to support child health in lots of settings in the UK, but many health facilities still do not have access to either portable (e.g. a 'sensory trunk') or fixed (e.g. a 'sensory room') equipment. In Cambodia, very few children have access to these sorts of facilities at all. To start with we're planning on funding one or more sets of portable equipment in North West England and the same in South Cambodia. Building on this initial support, we'll then look towards funding a fixed facility in South Cambodia and then a twin facility in North West England in the future. For some children with developmental delay a sensory room could mean the difference between long term disabilities and mobility issues, and good health and happiness. Sensory Banner
Funds required: £8070 per year + set-up costs
Objectives: Improving health and wellbeing of children & young people in South West Cambodia, and developing skills of UK professionals
Over 14,000 children and young people live on the streets and beaches of Cambodia. In 2015, the University of Salford, The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and M’Lop Tapang launched a partnership to improve the health and social care of Cambodian children and young people. This includes twice-yearly visits by our Founder, Andrew, who undertakes medical clinics in the health centre in Sihanoukville, as well as field work in the surrounding jungles and villages. Additionally, he partnership provides monthly Skype clinics to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people in Cambodia; held by SicKids Trustees Professor Andrew Rowland, Dr Jimmy Stuart and Dianne Cooke, and a volunteer NHS nurse. We've already seen a significant positive impact on the children and young people in Sihanoukville, including better asthma control, improved development of children and young people with disabilities, and the launch of new guidelines for managing paediatric conditions. We'd like to further enhance the health and social care support provided to the local Cambodian health, education & social care team by funding a team of three or four health and/or social care professionals running outreach clinics in Cambodia twice a year for at least the next three years, to support the relief of he prevalent health issues facing children and young people in Cambodia, such as:
  • Malnutrition
  • Respiratory infections
  • Dengue fever
  • Gastrointestinal infections
  • Parental alcohol or drug use
  • Childhood drug dependency
  • Skin diseases
  • Developmental delay
  • Health consequences of child abuse
In addition to advancing health care to children and young people in Cambodia, we have a great opportunity for our UK health and/or social care professionals to gain valuable experience, professional development and enhanced clinical, organisational and managerial skills which are of great benefit to their patients back in the UK. The partnership's Skype clinics take place using dated equipment and, to preserve data security, patient notes are recorded on paper. It is rare that all four medical professionals attend each one, due to unavailability of equipment enabling them to work remotely. We're seeking funding as follows:
  1. £8,000 to fund up to four UK-based health and/or social care professionals to visit Cambodia twice a year
  2. £2,200 (one-off) to procure four portable laptop PCs with webcams and relevant software, to be used exclusively for the purposes of offering Skype clinics and other SicKids projects
  3. £3 per month to procure secure cloud-based digital storage, which satisfies all necessary legislation to alleviate the need to keep paper clinic notes
  4. £21.75 per month to support 1.5 hours of paid admin and clerical support by an NHS colleague
Skype Clinic

If you’d like to support our aims to provide sensory facilities for children in the North West of England and Cambodia, or to help us continue to provide medical outreach and development opportunities for medical professionals, please click here.